Wednesday HUMP Day - Fun & Food @ CLUB3X

Wednesday HUMP Day - Fun & Food @ CLUB3X
01 Aug 2018 Wed Time: 19:30
226 King Street (SR 520), Unit 190, Cocoa, FL 32922
Cocoa, FL, USA
(321) 406-7615
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Doors will open at 7:30pm

It’s a midweek romp a Wednesday “HUMP” day! The club is open to cum in and have some unwind time a relief of the stress from the midweek day to day grind. Some cum in and unwind, grind, hump or pump!

Tonight will be a BYOB night if you would like a few drinks bring some with you. We will have sodas, juices, bottled water and ice available for you.

We will have some lite snacks out for you to eat, chips, dips and what not. We encourage you to bring something to add to the assortment if you would like to contribute.

We recommend that you bring a towel and anything you may need personal wise for your enjoyment if things move past a meet and greet for you.