Naughty Date Night @ The Friends Club

Naughty Date Night @ The Friends Club
03 Aug 2018 Fri Time: 21:00
Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club
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Austin, TX, USA
(512) 251-1199
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Friday, August 3, 2018
8pm - ?

Just so you know ...

We pay attention to critiques from our Members, and they say long days at work inhibit the participation in `Dress-Up` Party Themes.

Sooooooooo ...

The FRIENDS Club provides you STRESS FREE THEMES on Fridays !

What the Hell is `Naughty Date Night` ???
*We`ll tell you, but first ... let`s set a few things to the side.

1). If you`re not going to be on a Naughty Date this night ... NO PROBLEM !!!
2). If you want to have a Naughty Date another night ... NO PROBLEM !!!
3). `NAUGHTY DATE NIGHT` just sounds A LOT SeXXXier than `Meet and Greet` in our opinion, and The FRIENDS Club is ALL about being Bold, SeXXXy, and UNIQUE ... so we named the PARTY `NAUGHTY DATE NIGHT` !!!

That having been said ...

A LOT of our Members are parents, or keep their Private Lives discreet, or only come out when they desire to venture from the monotony of daily life ...

What are they doing when they visit The FRIENDS Club???

They`re going on a `NAUGHTY DATE`!!!

~ Maybe it`s a date for just the 2 of them ... ?
~ Maybe it`s a 1st meeting with another Couple ... ?
~ Maybe it`s a Truth or Dare kind of night ... ?

*It doesn`t matter, and we don`t even have a definition for what a NAUGHTY DATE is !!!

They`ll be having fun @ The FRIENDS Club !!!

The FRIENDS Club is an Upscale PRIVATE Social Club consisting of Members with an Adventurous and Playful Attitude in regards to Sex, Sexuality, and the Open Display of such activity in a PRIVATE setting.

1). The FRIENDS Club does NOT allow Gentlemen to attend without a Female partner or Sponsor Couple.
* A Couple may bring up to 3 Gentlemen with them, but those Gentlemen are required to ARRIVE, BE SEATED WITH, AND REMAIN

2). The location of The FRIENDS Club is provided after Female Voice Verification over the phone.
*The phone number to call is (512) 251-1199.

3). The FRIENDS Club is a Upscale PRIVATE Social Club for Members Only.
* Membership is NOT OPTIONAL, and must be CURRENT.
* Membership Fees are SEPARATE from Cover Charges.
* Membership Applications are completed, purchased, and filed (at the door) on your 1st visitt.
* Temporary/Provisional and Annual Memberships are available ... as are a LIMITED NUMBER of Lifetime Memberships.

4). The FRIENDS Club does not serve, provide, or store alcohol in any way, shape or form.
* If you are not from Texas, please be aware Texas Law dictates Liquor Store hours, as well as the hours Beer and Wine may be
* Basic Set-ups (Citrus, Glassware, Cocktail Napkins, Corkscrews, Bottle Openers, Ice, etc) are provided FREE OF CHARGE.
* Premium Set-ups (Energy Drinks, Juices, Bottled Water, etc) can be purchased for a reasonable fee.
* Members may bring adult beverages of their choosing in coolers, bags, or boxes. If it is legal outside, it is legal inside.
* A number of ice buckets are available, and a Bartender is on duty.
5). The FRIENDS Club enforces a Dress Code.

* Gentlemen are required to wear collared shirts, and Ladies are required to be equivalently classy.
* For the comfort of our Members, Full Nudity and Noticeable Play is confined to Playrooms and The NeXXXt Level.
* We ALLOW (not require) Female Members to wear as little as a G-String throughout the body of the club at all times.
* Gentlemen must remain in collared shirts until 1am in the body of the club.
* Full details of the Dress Code are available by calling or texting The FRIENDS Club @ (512) 251-1199.
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