Hamilton Meet n Greet

Hamilton Meet n Greet
05 Jul 2018 Thur Time: 20:00
Southcote 53 Tap & Grill
534 Garner Road East, Ancaster, ON
Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

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thursday, July 5, 2018

Another Meet `n` Greet! This is in a vanilla venue, no playing, behave yourselves :-) Come and meet some local fellow stylers, call this the neutral zone, hang out and socialize, get to know people, put faces to their CD names and sexy bodies you`ve pervd (c`mon, you know you have).

Scan the image or text “OFL” to 647.800.1700 to add yourself to our text message list

Looking forward to having another great night out and making some new friends!

How will you recognize us?
Mr. OFL will be wearing a baseball cap with the letters `OFL` on the front (see our Greens for a pic). Introduce yourselves and say hello! (we`ll offer up an apology early because Mr OFL is useless with names, he`ll remember your face but you`ll probably have to tell him your names 2 or 3 times)

Where does this all take place ?
Southcote 53 Tap & Grill in Ancaster

How much will this cost us..?
Zero ($0.00). That`s right, nothing, there`s no cost or cover charge.

Really ? ...so what do we need to do...?
Just show up! ...and don`t worry if you get there early, just start without us. We`ll be using the large banquet dining room, not the restaurant/bar area.
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