Gods and Goddesses (Greek/Toga) @ The FRIENDS Club

Gods and Goddesses (Greek/Toga) @ The FRIENDS Club
04 Aug 2018 Sat Time: 21:00
Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club
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Austin, TX, USA
(512) 251-1199
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Saturday, August 4, 2018
9pm - 2am

Come out in your sexiest Toga or Greek look and bring out your inner Gods and Goddesses!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please Note:
1). The FRIENDS Club is a PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB for Members Only.
Membership Fees are SEPARATE from Cover Charges
Membership is NOT OPTIONAL, and must be CURRENT.
Membership Applications are completed, purchased, and filed (at the door) on your 1st visit.
Temporary/Provisional and Annual Memberships are available ... as are a LIMITED NUMBER of Lifetime Memberships.

2). The FRIENDS Club does not serve, provide, or store alcohol in any way, shape or form.
If you are not from Texas, please be aware Texas Law dictates liquor stores hours and the hours beer and wine may be purchased through other outlets !!!
Basic Set-ups (Citrus, Glassware, Cocktail Napkins, Corkscrews, Bottle Openers, Ice, etc) are provided FREE OF CHARGE.
Premium Set-ups (Energy Drinks, Juices, Bottled Water, etc) can be purchased for a reasonable fee.
Members may bring adult beverages of their choosing in coolers, bags or boxes. If it is legal outside, it is legal inside.
A number of ice buckets are available, and a Bartender is on duty.

3). The FRIENDS Club is a PRIVATE Social Club made up of Members that have an Adventurous and Playful Attitude in regards to Sex, Sexuality, and the Open Display of such activity in a PRIVATE setting. We therefore allow (WE DO NOT REQUIRE) Members to wear as little as a G-String throughout the body of the club, and do not monitor other areas of the club regarding minimal attire.

*The FRIENDS Club is NOT a Nudist Free For All, and Noticeable Play is NOT allowed in full view of all attending. The reasoning behind this is for the comfort of our NEWEST MEMBERS, as we strive to help EVERYONE feel Welcome and Comfortable as they consider entering The Lifestyle !!!

*For the comfort of our Members, Gentlemen must remain in collared shirts until 1am, though shirts may be unbuttoned and untucked if desired.
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