Bronze Party presents Her Fantasy Party Lusty Ladies @ Twist SF

Bronze Party presents Her Fantasy Party Lusty Ladies @ Twist SF
05 Aug 2018 Sun Time: 20:00
Twist SF
387 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
San Francisco, CA, USA
(650) 269-9600
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Sunday, August 5, 2018
8pm - 1:30am

We are excited to invite all of you back for our special passion party. Her Fantasy Party brings out the sexy side to our modern couples, adventurous females and high character men! Ladies we hope you can dress in sexy cocktail dresses or hot lingerie. And gentlemen, please always dress to impress and bring your hygiene to an impeccable level.

HFP Details:
In late 2017, Twist and Bronze Party launched a new event called `Her Fantasy Party`, a members only club and play party for modern couples, adventurous females, and high-character men. The rule of thumb is that there will be 3 men for every 2 women at these parties. Parties average between 75 and 100 guests and the play areas are always full! Couples: Are you looking for a great place to play where you can mix with couples or singles? Ladies: Have you ever had the fantasy of being pampered and pleasured by more than one quality man at the same time? Men: There`s finally a high quality event here in SF that you can attend! Her Fantasy Party is a place to fulfill her fantasies in a safe environment. Offering the highest level of sophistication and service, Her Fantasy Party is designed to stimulate her senses and encourage provocative behavior.

More About Her Fantasy Party and How to Attend:
If you are not already a Her Fantasy Party member, please click the `Apply for Membership` button below. If already a member, please click the `Buy Tickets` link below to reserve your space.

Twist Special Event Setup:
Her Fantasy Party is designed for both couples and singles. With special security in place, couples can attend Her Fantasy Party and enjoy your own secure play area. Meanwhile both couples and singles have access to an extended play area for everyone! Couples can also enjoy the private play area behind the couples area to themselves for those extra private members.

Her Fantasy Party Dress Code and Event Policy:
Her Fantasy Party follows the normal event dress code. We request that ladies arrive in daringly sexy attire following a `less is more` theme. Lingerie, baby dolls, see-through attire, short miniskirts, and sexy cocktail dresses accessorized with g-string panties and thigh high or fishnet stockings. Men are asked to appear in gentlemanly attire including slacks, designer jeans, dress shirts, and masculine clubwear. If you are offended by nudity, or feel the need to use drugs or drink in excess, we respectfully request that you not attend.
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